Un Mundo

Our Story

For the past 20 years, we’ve been searching for a great burrito in our neighborhood. If we had found one, Un Mundo might never have happened. Here’s our story...

SoCal Mex

First thing you should know– we love traditional Mexican cuisine. But we also grew up with “SoCal” Mexican, where the California Burrito looms large and guac is always necessary.

Our version of Mexican food takes it further, with a sub-genre all it's own. We're stepping it up with quality ingredients like hormone free meats and fresh veggies from the fine folks at Specialty Produce and Suzie's Farm. You'll find yourself craving our inventive flavor combos and while our menu may be casual, the house-made salsas and exceptional marinades are serious business!

On the Go

Most of us live in San Diego to be outdoors and under the sun. Sure, we wear Oxfords and heels– but we like to put our feet in the water or hop on our bikes as often as possible. When running from an early surf session to a board meeting, you need sustenance. If you’re squeezing in a 5k on the way to a lecture, you’ll need to recharge. Although you desire great Mexican food at any given moment; it has to be fast and convenient. We’ve built Un Mundo to take care of people on the go!


We think of Un Mundo as an homage to the “Sun-Drenched” lifestyle we enjoy here in SoCal. You'll find us soaking it up by the pool, on the sand, and during happy hour with work buddies.

That Sun-Drenched state of mind was the catalyst for Un Mundo – a place to recharge and celebrate this beautiful place we call home! Welcome to our world, "Un Mundo".